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The Cobra Cords Idea

The idea of Cobra Cords began when in a single month on three different types of equipment the pull starter cords failed. Pull cord replacement is never fun and seems to happen exactly when the equipment is needed most. We thought there must be a better solution. After a little research we found that the standard nylon and polyester starter cord technology has not had a significant improvement in over 50 years!

The Development

We also found that a variety of high performance fiber and coating technology has recently been developed. So the testing and development of this new technology began. Initially we investigated why standard pull cords fail. We found that the main failure causes were: Abrasion, Bending Fatigue, Tension Fatigue and UV(sunlight) damage. These areas were used to test, measure and rank the improvements of the Cobra Cords technology. After a lot of development we arrived at a product that can last for hundreds of thousands of pulls!

The Value and Guarantee

These improvements truly are impressive, but what does it mean to a Cobra Cords customer? To certain customers it means reduced maintenance costs, to others it can be improved dependability and even increased productivity. Ultimately , these improvements have been found to be so great that Cobra Cords are able to guarantee this technology for the lifetime of the machine it is used on.

Our Braider

Here is a slow motion video of our braider hard at work.





Email: Contact@cobrapullcord.com



- Cobra Cord Team, "The Best Won't Break"

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